Our team

We feature two full-time team members each month. Stop back next month to meet two more ServerWise superstars.

J. Fleischmann


Not just an American but a cowboy hat wearing Texan with an affinity for all things Google and YouTube ads. He’s the one we contact when we need an honest take on proposed platform changes.

Radoslav Mitkov


With a degree from New Bulgarian University Rad is our senior motion graphics engineer and designer including 3D modeling prototypes for digital marketing platforms and oversaw the GUI of our Email Solution.

Our ticket ratios

Marketing Help
1 %
Site Design
1 %
Tech Support
1 %
Content Strategy
1 %

Our freelance talent

We're stronger for our valued independent contractors. We feature two each month.

R. Khan


Based in Pakistan R. Khan knows all things Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram and TikTok. A true social media expert who has helped our customers increase social shares by as much as 515%.

C. Costinio


Located in Greece and having started out as a developer before discovering all things site optimization and speed improvement.

Also, we have site speed experts

What makes us different

Marketing Expertise

The fastest and most secure website in the world is irrelevant without visitors that convert to buyers. We provide digital marketing tools and expertise to help you grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO and SEM (search engine marketing) is critical for brand growth, visibility and search rankings. We have SEO experts ready to analyze your site and walk you through it.

Content Marketing

A strong content marketing strategy is crucial for continued success. Our content strategists can help you design, create and implement content that people want.

Mobile Ready Experts

A responsive website is important, but that does not mean it's mobile friendly. The mobile version of your site must load quickly on all devices with nearly instant results.

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