What Should You Expect From Us?

Far Beyond Tech Support

Our experts are available 24/7 for your needs

24/7 Support From Our Global Team

Our tech pros are available anytime via ticket system or live chat. We’ll even get involved and do it for you.

Digital marketing help at your disposal

Our Expertise At Your Disposal

We go beyond tech support every chance you give us. We have experts for most related fields always ready to help you.

Managed hosting means managed including bugs, security, speed and analysis

You Break It, We Fix It – No Questions

We have your back! When something goes wrong we’ll get your site back up right away. We’ll fix the problem or switch you to a backup.

ServerWise Stellar Support Goes Beyond Tech Help Everyday

Recently Closed Tickets

We can help you with your quiz landing page

Quiz Landing Page

A client needed help creating and testing a quiz-based landing page to increase conversions. It exceeded all expectations.

We can help you translate your funnel

Translate Funnel

Doubled demographics by translating CB funnels and landing pages and integrating into WP.

Learning management systems are critical for online coaching

LMS Integration

Client required help debugging and integrating popular learning management system.

Lead magnets are important to grow your business

Niche Lead Magnet

A rising star in the electronics review niche couldn't find the right lead magnet. We worked with him to develop a new one.

What Can We Help You With Today?

ServerWise Support can handle nearly any website related issue you may have
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Expert Series

When marketing platforms such as Google make a big change (i.e. recent lead gen functionality) our marketing experts get to work creating tutorials and video training to make sure you are getting the most from your ad spend.

Video Ads Review
Our clients can have video ads reviewed by an expert.
Our database is secure, fast and optimized with drop-in for mysql and mariadb
We provide LiteSpeed Webservers at no cost to you.
We power hundreds of WooCommerce sites fast and securely
Discover high-speed optimization with NGINX
Elementor and Elementor Pro expertise
A fully managed WordPress host
WP Bakery and Visual Composer is a proven alternative to Gutenberg and Elementor

Professional Instructional Videos We Made Just For You

ServerWise has fans around the globe enjoying managed support for their WordPress sites
Why integrated short instructional videos?

Simple. Our customers asked for them in a recent survey. 

We asked what you wanted and 53% said quick instructional videos on all things WordPress. We now have over 45 professional video tutorials waiting for you in your ServerWise WordPress install. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I need help migrating from MailChimp.

Always happy to help! Open a ticket and we’ll get you migrated over to ServerWise.

I need the WAF turned off but my other host wouldn't do it. Will you?

There are several applications that require the Web Application Firewall to be off. We can handle that for you and still ensure your site remains fully protected.

My site app requires a slightly older version of PHP. Is that a problem?

Not at all. You can choose any version of PHP from your control panel. Our security measures will ensure your site is still safe even while running an outdated version of PHP.

I'm concerned about compatibility as my current database is MySQL.

While we use the MariaDB your MySQL database is already compatible. MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL meaning you won’t have to do or change anything.

I use a lot of plug-ins. Can you help speed up my site?

Absolutely. In truth that’s part of what we do every day. We already have several powerful site optimization solutions working on your backend, but we’ll be more than thrilled to take a look at your site, make some recommendations and even optimize it for you. No extra fee!

I'm not sure which plugin to use for something specific. Can you help?

Always. Over half of our customer communications fall strictly into the consulting category. Let us know what you need this plugin to do and you’ll have our expert recommendations – pros and cons included.

I don't use WordPress. I use Magento 2.

Magento 2 can be auto-installed in your SW Control Panel. While you do need WordPress to use the sales funnel functionality we recommend you set up your marketing suite on a subdomain with a WP install. Open a ticket and we’ll assist you.

I want to use my own mailservers. Can you help me increase deliverability?

Certainly. Deliverability can be a problem when using your own mail servers as Google does not know you and reputation is important. We can help you increase your mail reputation and even warm your mail server at no extra fee.