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Let's compare ActiveCampaign top features

  • choose your plan

  • Amount of space
  • Bandwidth per month
  • No. of e-mail accounts
  • No. of MySql databases
  • 24h support
  • Support tickets per mo.
  • ActiveCampaign

  • $10

    per month

  • 10GB
  • 100GB
  • 1
  • 1
  • Yes
  • 1
  • ServerWise

  • $30

    per month

  • 30GB
  • 200GB
  • 10
  • 10
  • Yes
  • 3

We include much more...

For only $10 over the cost of the Aweber Pro Plan we’ll host up to 10 sites on our powerfully scalable and optimized servers and manage them all for you. Less stress means you’ll have more time to spend marketing, selling and growing.

Aweber gives you powerful autoresponder software, but so do we. And we include considerably more on top of that. Aweber provides professionally designed autoresponder templates – we do as well. We’re also available 24/7 if you want a free expert consult.

Aweber doesn’t provide funnel software. We include sales and lead funnel software in every account at no extra charge. Imagine having your funnel and landing pages solution built right into your optimized and managed WordPress site.

Aweber lets you create and send powerful autoresponder messages. But what about your SEO needs? We provide a proprietary and powerful SEO solution built right into your WordPress site at no extra charge.

Our experts become your experts. We were built by and for digital marketing experts. We analyze and guide clients on how to optimize their Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram and YouTube marketing campaigns daily.

We help clients build their brand identity for growth and increased media attention every week. We look forward to adding your brand to our queue for a Brand Identity Expert Analysis consult.

Join ServerWise today and put us to work for you.

30 Day Money Back Guaranteed – Always