The Best Optimized Chatbots for WordPress To Increase Conversions Without Slowing Down Your Site

According to Forbes, 62% of consumers like using chatbots for instant answers to basic questions and to interact on a base level with a brand or service. Since the 2019 publication of the Forbes article, the use of chatbots has increased 17%. Chatbots are now not only preferred, but highly desired by consumers.

Before we dig into the many quality chatbot options currently available, let’s explore what a chatbot is exactly. Did you know there are two types of chatbot?

In Short, What Is A Chatbot?

A chatbot is software you add to your site (or social media account) that interacts with your visitors and customers on your behalf. It can answer basic questions, pull up specific customer information, check shipping rates and even make (what appears to be) personal recommendations. Your chatbot is available 24/7 to instantly engage and respond to your customers, which is why customers find them so appealing.

There are two types of chatbots you should be aware of, each with advantages over the other. The chatbot you choose should meet your needs and not all needs are complex, so keep it simple when choosing.

The Two Types of Chatbot

Basic (Rules-Based) — the first and still most commonly used solution includes a set of rules and predetermined responses, usually built out in a tree or path format known as conditional programming. This is known as the basic IF/THEN/ELSE conditions. IF your site visitor asks what colors this blouse comes in THEN the bot responds with “Blue, Green and Red” ELSE it responds with a suggestion for a different product.

AI — (without getting into a long explanation of what is real AI, i.e., Skynet from Terminator versus the marketing term) an AI powered bot means it’s more advanced and updates its own database of conditional IF/THEN statements. This is also known as machine learning. It has a more advanced coding structure with considerably more IF/THEN clauses covering a more complex structure. In short, the AI bot can connect your visitor to a wider array of information and even account details.

To compare let’s ask the AI-powered bot the same question regarding blouse colors. 

AI gives a more in-depth response, such as:

“Blue, Green and Red, but please be aware that there are only 3 remaining Green blouses in the size you have selected. Can I ask what’s the reason you’re looking at blouses this evening? I may be able to help with some more personal recommendations.”

What Are The Benefits To Using A Chatbot?

Most chatbot exchanges don’t end with a frustrated consumer after a couple interactions. The real benefit to the site owner is how well a chatbot can answer quick questions (saving you time) while funneling complicated or complex issues to the right personnel. Don’t think of a chatbot as just another customer service plugin. That chatbot is your automated customer service funnel manager that’s working for you 24 hours a day.

  • A chatbot drives sales, answers basic questions and converts leads for less than you’d pay an employee.
  • Chatbots don’t have sick days, need time off or receive any benefits.
  • A properly configured chatbot can handle up to 80% of customer queries within one minute, according to IBM.
  • A chatbot can upsell, recommend, check on order information, entice with discounts and offer coupon codes for minor inconveniences.
Biggest visitor complaints about a website

Chatbot plugins and embedded services are widely known to be resource-heavy drains on your site speed. First, make sure you have high-quality scalable hosting and not a discount host. Of course, I recommend ServerWise (naturally).

Even with powerful and professional hosting, you’ll still want to make sure your chatbot choice is right for your business. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it meet your present needs?
  • Is it affordable within your budget range?
  • How flexible is the chatbot solution? 
  • Can you easily edit the bot responses and suggestions to fit your specific business?

Let’s have a look at the chatbots we’ve tested for optimized code and overall impact on your site speed.

Optimized WordPress Chatbots

Best Optimized Chatbot WordPress Plugins

WP Bot for WordPress
Woowbot for WordPress

Chatbot, WP BOT & WOOWBOT by QuantumCloud

QuantumCloud has three distinct chatbot products.

Chatbot is the free plugin available over at the WordPress repository. You can use the free version to determine the time and effort that building out the perfect chatbot for your specific needs may take.

WPBOT is the premium version of the free Chatbot (think of it as Chatbot Pro) and includes enhanced features for retargeting, lead management, conversational builders, etc. Pricing starts at only $25 a year for one site.

WOOWBOT is the WooCommerce specialized version of WPBOT and includes some very impressive features, including:

  • One-click integration into your online store.
  • Upselling and cross-selling functions.
  • Capture waning customers and redirect their attention.
  • Cart abandonment prevention.

Pricing starts at only $33 a year for one site.

Fully managed chatbot platform including WordPress plugin.
Botsify for WordPress

Botsify is a premium chatbot builder platform that starts at only $50 a month. The company doesn’t provide any AI, but you can use their integration tools for Google Docs, Slack, or email for lead management. The software does take some time to get to know, which is why the company offers a 14-day free trial.

The #1 Facebook Messenger chatbot that integrates with WordPress.
Landbotio for WordPress and Facebook is a comprehensive chatbot builder that allows for animated GIFs, wireframe designs and multiple levels of customization based on the customer type and purpose. Currently, used by some major companies including Uber, LG and L’Oréal. Monthly plans start at $35 depending on currency exchange rates.

The #1 Facebook Messenger chatbot that integrates with WordPress.
ManyChat for WordPress and Facebook

ManyChat may seem limiting at first because you need a Facebook account to use it, but this service is used by thousands of businesses for a reason. The chatbot features prominently on a business Facebook page and funnels lead development, discount offers, bookings, scheduling, recover abandoned carts and many more. It’s certainly worth your consideration, with pricing as low as $10 to get started.

Build chatbots for Facebook Messenger and serve on WordPress.
Chatfuel for WordPress

Chatfuel is a drag-and-drop style chatbot builder for Facebook Messenger with similar features to Botsify. When comparing the feature set, only Botsify does have Chatfuel beat. But Chatfuel offers an easier build-out process with a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. If you choose Chatfuel you’ll be in good company with the likes of Adidas, Netflix and Ford. Pricing can get a bit complicated, but starts at only $15 a month.

In closing, my personal recommendation is to start out with the one of the QuantumCloud chatbot solutions. That said, if your leads and sales are fairly dependent on Facebook, you may want to start out with a chatbot designed for Facebook Messenger.

As always, if you’re a ServerWise client in need of a little chatbot-related guidance, open a ticket, and we’ll get you sorted.

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