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A ServerWise FOUR part Series

How To Squeeze Continuous Value From One Webinar With These 4 Powerful Strategies And The Full Benefits Of A Partner

Welcome to my short series on webinars. And that’s it for my introduction.

Webinars are not the latest marketing trend, they’re powerful tools that are here to stay for one simple reason – they work. They function as a living extension of your brand identity and allow multitudes to get to know you, your product, and your personality. People buy from people they know and trust.

Webinars are the new trust building exercises of the digital age. It doesn’t matter whether you sell sweatshirts, coaching services, or teach people how to finally get that book they wrote three years ago published. Webinars work in any niche.

Live Webinar Events Can Create Content For Months

Most Powerful Benefits of a Webinar

Lead Generating through List Building

Free webinars generate email leads to grow your list faster than anything thanks to the higher perceived value that is associated with a webinar over any other lead magnet. But don’t assume that means you need to set up a Google Ads or Facebook ad campaign to advertise your free webinar.

A free information-rich webinar that delivers plenty of value to the viewer is the perfect tool to use with a marketing partner.

Identify a partner or two in a complementary niche and reach out with a sneak preview or script of your webinar. Make sure to highlight the offer you’ll be pitching and your anticipated sales conversion ratio. Partners will jump at the chance to send out a quick email blast to their list with your webinar details – it’s valuable and exclusive.

With resources and knowledge to share and a decent webinar script, you’ll find yourself in demand with plenty of your niche colleagues hoping to partner with you. Those partners will email their list, you’ll collect the webinar sign-ups thereby growing your list and your partners earn an affiliate commission automatically whenever a webinar viewer converts to a buyer.

It’s a win-win strategy that plays out thousands of times every week and shows no signs of slowing down.

Prove Your Expertise & Value

Sales aren’t made the first time a person clicks into your website. Statistically speaking, it takes the average consumer five experiences with a brand to finally take the plunge and purchase. One of the most important contributing factors to turn a lead into a sale is the likability and trust factor. People need to know you, like you and believe in you.

Webinars are an easy and inexpensive trust-building tool. You display yourself and your expertise or that of your product or service. You’re building up their confidence. They can hear your voice, or perhaps even see your face. You go from being one of many to a recognizable expert all in the span of a 20-minute webinar.

Don’t hold back! You have a finite period during the webinar to wow your audience. Bring your top-tier expertise and dazzle everyone with your knowledge. You’re out to impress them, and in doing so you’ll convert more viewers to buyers.

Captivate & Sell from The Stage

Have you ever been to a concert and noticed the flood of hungry buyers at the merchandise table? These fans who already spent money to buy tickets know they could get anything from that merch table online cheaper, but they’re in the mood to buy right now. They demand instant gratification.

During a webinar, you or your product is that concert. You’re the band or artist on the stage that people are watching with focused attention. Keep their attention because attendees are already primed to buy from you.

Provide an offer that’s hard to resist. Selling from the stage as it were puts you at a massive advantage, don’t lose it by failing to deliver an equally dazzling offer.

Proven tactics of dazzling irresistible webinar offers:

  • Fast acting bonuses only available while the call is live or within an hour of its completion.
  • Deep discount available only until midnight of the day of the event.
  • Surprising value-added bonus, available only to the first 25 buyers while the call is live. Announce on the call when the 25 was reached.

Crafting a strong lead-generating and profit pushing webinar takes commitment and time. But the time you spend researching, promoting, and preparing is minor compared to the potential returns you’ll likely see. Leads pouring into your email list, expanding your brand identity and product or service awareness and, of course, nearly effortless sales.

The best part of developing and putting on your first webinar is the same for any TV show – syndication. You’ll have a recording of your webinar that you can use for a year or more as a lead magnet, exclusive content, giveaway, etc. You’ll be surprised at the many ways you’ll be able to repurpose and re-profit from that single webinar.

One webinar can create content for email series, recordings, lead magnets and more

4 Clever Webinar Repurposing Strategies for that Evergreen Syndication Effect

Your live webinar is over, but you refuse to leave money on the table, so it’s time to get that valuable piece of content you created working for you in other ways. It’s not unusual for a webinar replay to get as much – sometimes more – attention as the live event did.

Add the Replay to Autoresponders

Unless your webinar was extremely specific pertaining to a certain date or known event (Black Friday that has come and gone for example) you’ll find it to be a welcome addition to your autoresponders. It’s a way for you to give your loyal subscribers some highly valued bonus content through the most well-received and consumed medium – video. It’s a profoundly effective way to motivate subscribers who haven’t engaged with your content in months, and recapture their interest and – most likely – a sale.

Mix it up. One webinar is three distinct pieces of valuable content, including the full video itself.

You can extract the audio from the webinar and offer it as an audio-only download, podcast style, for those who would rather listen while in the gym or in the car.

A quick transcription service (not expensive) can easily transcribe your webinar into an easily scannable script for those who would rather download it in eBook format. This can make a handy lead magnet or resource tool.

Resource Handouts Become Lead Magnets

Checklists, resource lists and worksheets are widely popular as lead generating tools to entice people to opt in to your mailing list or newsletter. You may think that your readers would prefer a well-written actionable 62-page eBook, but many prefer easy to read and condensed information that is as actionable as it is efficient.

No need to create new handouts. Reuse the ones you already created for your webinar.

Repurposing Webinar Slides and Scripts

Most people prefer video to any other format, but not everyone. For those pressed for time or simply have no privacy, a transcript and slides from your webinar series affords them a more practical option.

You can share pieces or all your webinar transcript on your blog (great for SEO as Google can’t crawl video, yet).

The slides you used in your webinar can be repackaged and offered as presentation tools, infographics, LinkedIn download or integrate into a Kindle book for a small fee or as a value-added giveaway or incentive.

Pick the Webinar Apart for Social Media Posts and Shares

A good webinar is going to provide plenty of sound bites, quotes and shareable GIFs. Go through your webinar transcript and start highlighting the meaningful and actionable quotes, resource mentions and any pin-worthy screen grabs.

A few solid images with quotes from your webinar can become valuable social media posts and shares. Keep that in mind as you write your webinar, and you’ll get traction for months out of one 30-minute live event.


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