Unleash The Power Of Closed-Loop Marketing To Skyrocket Your Services And Enhance Your Products Like Building The Perfect Sandwich

What distinguishes a good sandwich from a great sandwich? According to chef Anne Burrell, a great sandwich comes down to the ratios of meat, condiments and cheese. But whether you have those ratios exactly right or not is irrelevant unless your customers love it – every time.

"Part of being successful is about asking questions and listening to the answers."

Closed Loop Marketing is exactly like creating that perfect sandwich. You have to listen to your customers and tweak, tweak again and tweak once more until 99% of your diners absolutely love it.

Back in Ancient Rome I imagine (but do not know) this was known only as giving people what they want and acting on their experiences to make it even better.

You watch your customers use your product or service. You take notes and pay attention to any issues or confusion. Ask questions and engage with them on things like usability, intuitiveness, problems. Watch and listen and make changes until your product, website and service is as close to customer-created as it can be.

Customer Feedback Is Closed Loop Marketing

Using customer feedback to improve a product isn’t new, in truth, it’s been around since the beginning of commerce. Every entrepreneur wants the perfect product, but how you get it matters. Closed-loop marketing is making the choice to get there in the most direct way as quickly as possible by getting involved, getting in there and getting to know the users of your product. Think of it as the original version of the customer feedback form.

In my example of making the first sandwich, we start with regular white bread, but I noticed most people don’t seem thrilled with that. So I switch it up and serve on a herb potato roll. Suddenly the customers are talking about it and others are asking what it is as it floats by them. 

Now, that sandwich will only ever be served on a potato roll.

I also noticed that people complimented the pickles for the first time since I switched to artisanal garlic pickles. Now I know to keep the switch permanently.

Stalking Your Customers Isn’t Creepy, It’s Good Business

Closed-loop marketing means you have to pay close attention to your customers. Handing out a survey isn’t the same thing. You have to watch closely, gauge their reactions, know who they are and why they are there. A survey asks a few canned questions, but closed-loop marketing is as close to stalking as you can get without getting arrested.

The goal of every business owner, product developer and marketer is to sell. The easiest way to sell is to create, promote and produce a product or service that makes your customers happy. Happiness opens wallets! Happiness shares your products with friends and family.

Sam Walton Knew Closed-Loop Marketing

As he was building Walmart, Sam Walton often walked the floor talking to customers, asking questions, soliciting opinions and taking careful notes. He never introduced himself as the store’s founder. He never mentioned that his last name was integrated into the very sign on the building. Furthermore, he was a normal employee who loved getting to know customers personally and made adjustments immediately. One Sam made an adjustment based on direct feedback he was right back out on the floor asking customers what they thought of the change. 

Sam Walton knew closed-loop marketing and used it to build Walmart into the giant it is today.

Rad Mitkov
Rad Mitkov
Radoslav is a senior motion graphics engineer and designer specializing in 3D modeling prototypes for digital marketing platforms. Rad frequently writes on WordPress, site optimization and cybersecurity topics.