Updated February 5, 2020

Beyond YouTube: Other Video Ad Networks That Convert, Including Out Of Home (OOH)

One of the greatest challenges in digital marketing is learning to control your cost per view or cost per action. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the English-speaking world and the most popular video platform. And while advertising on YouTube is effective it can get expensive and to keep your costs down and your conversions up you need to hyper-target your campaigns and retarget with absolute precision. That’s not always easy, especially when you’re first starting out in video marketing.

ServerWise proudly has many clients that are targeting specific niches, and we’ve been able to guide them to more effective, albeit lesser-known networks with greater results. I’m not suggesting you end your campaigns on YouTube. I’m merely suggesting you consider cutting back and spreading the digital ad budget around. Experimentation can, at times, lead to some very surprising and profitable results after all.

Adomni video marketing platform example
Out Of Home (OOH) ad examples provided by Adomni. Source: Adomni.

Every video ad platform and network you may want to consider:


More than Uber’s mobile ad partner Adomni controls a fully integrated network of nearly 500,000 screens across the United States including digital billboards, taxi and rideshare ad boards, grocery store digital ad screens and even bar and restaurant jukebox screens. You don’t need a huge budget to get started – the average eCPM (estimated cost per thousand impressions or views) is a very reasonable $7.

Bing Ads

Have you given Bing Ads a try? You can start with a low budget and scale up as needed. It’s a great way to get your video content streaming on LinkedIn.


If your niche is retail, food, or entertainment, you may be interested in appearing on nearly 190,000 digital screens in airports, health clinics, shopping malls and transit systems.

Magnite & SpotX

Magnite, a global leader in CTV (console television), purchased SpotX in February 2021 creating the world’s largest independent CTV and video advertising platform.


For over ten years OpenX has been operating the industry’s largest independent ad exchange serving highly targeted and relevant ads on every device to over 240 million consumers monthly. Setting up an account with OpenX is as easy as setting up your Google Ads account, and you have complete control over your adspend and where your videos are displayed.

OOH digital marketing example
Example of a digital billboard in an airport. A type of Out Of Home (OOH) marketing.

Place Exchange

A leader in OOH (out of home) advertising Place Exchange has direct access to digital billboards and screen around the world Times Square in New York City to elevators, arenas, event centers, malls, subways and buses and highways. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, every out of home ad dollar spent generates nearly $6 in sales.

A performance-driven self-serve video advertising platform that boasts one of the widest mobile reaches in the industry with 1 billion users. Sign up and activate your advertising account with as little as $50.


A specialist in multiscreen advertising RythmOne and its parent company, Tremor International, has global reach and one of the best retargeting and data-driven customer connectivity in the industry.


Offering an auction-style independent ad serving platform specifically designed for OTT (over the top) and video marketing. You can set up an account and manage it yourself while adhering to a strict budget.

Bigger Budget for Widespread Reach – marketing budgets above $50,000.


Primarily known for their massive and impressive content marketing networking that pushes an advertiser’s content to MSN, CNN, and many others, but Taboola has a secret power – video marketing. You can create an account for as little as $100 and start marketing your video ads to a highly targeted and hungry audiences on some of the world’s biggest sites.


Part advertising platform with an over 200 million monthly audience reach and part marketing firm, Undertone can take your imagery and videos and create a multichannel outreach and discovery campaign to build your brand throughout mobile, smart TV, rich media and social networks. Undertone excels at creating a unified message and targeting your audience using impressive and powerful analytics.

Verizon Media

Instant access across every Verizon owned, controlled, and partnered platform and network totaling over 900 million people including all AOL holdings, Yahoo digital real estate and, of course, Verizon mobile and digital TV users. While I have placed Verizon Media in the bigger budget category, the company is always open to medium-sized companies with smaller budgets.


Now a part of ATT, Xandr lets advertisers create a Xandr Invest account and instantly access high-value digital properties including Hulu, Disney Advertising and WarnerMedia. The best part is that because it’s an all-digital DIY platform (support is always available, of course) you can get started with a surprisingly low ad budget.

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