Updated: May 14, 2022

Outsourcing Your Video Creation The Right Way At The Right Place For The Right Price

Video creation made simple with outsourcing to experts

As you already know, video sells. In fact, video can increase your sales by as much as 60% and grow your brand recognition exponentially. People trust videos – they get to see your products in action. They witness the size of your product relative to the human hand, and they can see how it moves and interacts and even works. Videos are a necessary part of any marketing campaign and one you can’t ignore because your competitors certainly aren’t.

But making video content can be time-consuming, frustrating, and quite frankly labor-intensive. You must know how to edit with the right software, you need to understand things like camera angles and filters, and not everyone does. I assure you that your lack of video creation knowledge will not and must not prevent you from sharing some stellar video content with the world.

You’re going to outsource it! 

You’re going to let experts create your first video for you, and oftentimes it’s less expensive to outsource than it is to buy everything you need and do it internally. And thanks to the following list you’re not going to make the costly mistakes, so many others have made.

How Do You Find the Right Video Content Creator?

Here’s a quick list of criteria to keep in mind when selecting your new video content partner:

Technical Competency & Similar Projects In Portfolio

View their portfolio of completed projects and make sure they’ve previously done similar work. If you don’t find anything that’s relative to what you need, don’t take the chance and just look elsewhere.

Turnaround Time

How long will it take for the provider to complete the work? If the provider is claiming a short turnaround time of 24 hours or less, please look elsewhere. You need someone who will not just take the necessary time on your project, but has other projects that he or she is already working on.

Software They Use

What exact software are they using? Don’t choose someone who is using an open-source software or entry-level tool such as Windows Movie Maker 10. You’re not paying for free software. You want a real professional who has invested in Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple Final Cut Pro.

Let’s Talk Price

The most important takeaway when it comes to pricing is not to go cheap. You will get what you pay for so if you have two hours of video footage to be edited down into an explainer video or sales video letter or YouTube Video Ad, and you’re quoted $50 please look elsewhere. A professional is going to charge you $300+ and they’ll be worth it because you’ll have a final product that will sell your brand 24/7.

Top Platforms For Outsourcing Video Content Creation/Editing


I love Fiverr because it’s where I got my start in content creation, but there are a lot of amateurs posing as experts on the platform. My best advice for Fiverr is to select only a Fiverr Pro member. The prices will be higher because the expertise is verified and the quality of work is at the professional level – that’s what you want, so don’t balk at paying for it.


Freelancer has been around since 2004 and is one of the world’s largest outsourcing marketplaces with over 8 million verified users. I’ve worked on the Freelancer platform as a professional verified copywriter with great success. Join Freelancer and post your video production project – you don’t have to commit to a service provider to get an idea of the talent pool and average cost.


Upwork was formed when popular marketplaces oDesk and Elance merged into one powerhouse of outsourcing. Unlike Freelancer and Fiverr this site is used frequently for long-term projects such as weekly content creation by small to medium-sized companies, the platform does provide flexibility allowing you to state whether you’d like to pay by the project or the hour.


A lesser-known community of verified professional filmmakers and photographers, SmartShoot is a tight niche that allows you to post your project provided you know exactly what you want. You receive quotes from multiple professionals as the talent bids for your project. Make your selection and use the SmartShoot dashboard to keep an eye on your project. I haven’t personally worked with SmartShoot but ServerWise has had clients who have highly recommended their services and providers.

My top recommendation is to choose either a Fiverr Pro (verified and professional) or to post your video project by being as detailed as possible on Freelancer or Upwork to get started.

Keep in mind that just because you post your project doesn’t mean you’re entering into a contract. If you don’t have a good feeling about any of the providers who bid for your gig, just cancel the project and try elsewhere.

But do post it because you need video content!

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