Save Time By Cleverly Using Existing Content For Your Next Powerful Lead Magnet

Lead magnets are important – that’s a well-documented fact of the digital marketing age. A lead magnet draws a site visitor into your marketing and sales funnel. It’s the beginning of a relatively easy but fruitful relationship. You offer informative and powerful content in exchange for their contact information.

But where do you get that lead magnet worthy content?

You may already have it and not even realize it.

Your sales content may be all that you need. Sales teams spend up to 40% of their time looking for and creating sales enabled content to help them close a deal. Booklets, brochures, e-books, instructional videos and so on. Take a look around at your sales content and consider how much of that could be bundled into a lead magnet.

Firstly, you will target that sales content your team has been sitting on. Secondly, you’ll take a strong look over your support and technical knowledge base. And third, you’ll ask a few of your current clients what their biggest misconceptions or problems were along the journey with your service or product. Answer those issues, and you have yourself another lead magnet.

how to use content you already have for your lead magnet

Sales enabled content as a lead magnet helps your sales team as well!


First you’ll be attracting more relevant leads for your sales team saving them considerable time while making their jobs easier by handing them already educated/informed customers.


And secondly, from a time management and content perspective you’ll be consolidating a small folder of sales content into a couple longer ones. This makes keeping your lead magnets and sales enabled content fresh much easier.

Utilizing your sales related content as a lead magnet combines sales and customer engagement assets into one even more valuable asset that serves both goals.

Everyone wins especially your customers!

Converting support and technical content into a lead magnet is easier than you think.


Sit down and pour over all of your relative support documentation. Right now you are only using that valuable content after the sale. But imagine how powerful it would be to repurpose it before the sale, to lead to the sale.


Consider taking some of those support documents, knowledge base articles and even video tutorials and turning them into scripts for video lead magnets. Or perhaps a powerful video FAQ giving site visitors the chance to see your team members answer common questions. Let them showcase some personality while handing your future clients and customers a formula to build trust in your brand and your people.

In closing, lead magnets don’t have to be hard to create or require hours of time and effort. They simply have to be informative with a perceived value worth your site visitors’ email address.

Lead magnets are your opportunity to prove your expertise. After all, if you’re willing to give such helpful and preferably actionable information away for merely an email address, imagine what you give to paying customers.

On the other hand, if you have pre-existing content from your content marketing strategies, you can mostly likely repurpose some of that as well. Get creative, but keep it highly relevant and valuable.

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Annika Doroshenko
Annika is the ultimate remote employee spending much of her time traveling with her husband and friends. When not traveling or working with her digital marketing clients Annika and her husband call a little town outside of Copenhagen, Denmark home.